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Living a better life

with HIV

HIV-Denmark is a nationwide patient association for everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. We work for and support all members with HIV and relatives.

HIV-Denmark is also an umbrella organization for individuals, self-help groups, and other associations for HIV-positive people as well as for user groups affiliated with HIV / AIDS departments at the hospitals.


Preben Bakbo Sloth


Vilhelm Koed Thomsen

Deputy Chairman

Jens Peder Høeberg


Frank Sand Martin

Anne Jepsen


Our Board Of Directors


From 1998 to 2014, Henriette Laursen as director helped to profile the AIDS Foundation as a significant player in the Danish and foreign HIV debate. She is known as an ardent advocate for the rights of HIV-positive people and fights against stigma and discrimination. Today, Henriette Laursen works as director of Kvinfo.


Henriette Laursen since 1 December 2014 has agreed to take care of the protectorate for HIV-Denmark, where she will act as the ambassador and front figure for HIV-Denmark's various focus areas. In the future, you will be able to meet Henriette in connection with major events and festive events in HIV-Denmark.

''The HIV case has been a matter of the heart for me for many years and it does not change just because I have changed jobs. I am very happy and proud that HIV Denmark has asked me to be their patron. I look forward to fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people and for HIV-positive people to receive the same care as everyone else.'' - Henriette Laursen



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