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Support HIV Denmark

Find a donation plan that works for you.

  • Individual member

    Every year
    Valid for 2 years
    • HIV-Denmark is a member association that
    • works for people living with HIV. We create networks,
    • carry out information activities and speak out on behalf of
    • HIV-positive people, among other things, to the health
    • service and the general public.
    • The more we are, the stronger we are.
    • The contingent is 200 kroner a year.
  • The Positive Group

    Every year
    Valid for 2 years
    • The Positive Group is an association for HIV-positive gay
    • and bisexual men. The association has a meeting place
    • in Frederiksberg. It is possible to sign a joint membership
    • of the two associations for 300 kroner a year.
  • Support Membership

    Every year
    For anyone wishing to support the cause


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